Tixel 2 is a non-surgical treatment that uses a very small grid of titanium pyramid which makes brief contact with skin, transferring pure direct heat to the skin in fractionated fashion. This process stimulates collagen production as the skin naturally heals, leading to skin tightening and textural improvement. Areas that can be treated include face, eyelid skin, neck, décolletage, and/or many other body parts which would benefit from superficial skin firming. Tixel 2 also has a specialised hand-piece that can specifically, safely and effectively target upper and lower eyelid skin, areas which many other technologies struggle to treat.

This treatment generally has very minimal downtime, with patients typically experiencing 2-3 days of mild redness and swelling, depending on the energy level utilised.

At Ellumina Cosmetic Clinic, Dr Woo personally assesses every patient before treatment to ensure individual suitability, taking into consideration medical history, and patient expectation. Following thorough assessment, explanation and consent, Dr Woo personally performs the treatment.