Broad Band Light (BBL) is a medical grade device only available to medical professionals. It uses medical grade light energy to improve skin conditions and counter aging.

There is medical research that show 2-4sciton BBL Forever Young TM Treatments per year can improve visible signs of aging and also slow down the aging process. This unique revolutionary treatment not only improves photoaged skin but also can benefit younger patients who simply wants to maintain healthy skin. Sciton BBL has also been shown to improve the expression of genes associated with aging, and can also improve skin problems such as redness, pigmentation and acne.

Skin conditions that BBL can help with :

Pigmentation, brown aged spots, freckles

Redness and broken capillaries

Facial rejuvenation and slow down aging.

What to expect :

BBL is a well tolerated treatment, it feels like a gentle light flick each time it fires. There can be very mild redness after the treatment which will resolve after a few mins to hrs depending on the treatment.